Malta, which is in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea bordered by Libya to the north and Italy to the south, has a great reputation for its wonderful climate, hospitable residents, low crime rate, and outstanding standard of living. Malta is a desirable location to reside or own a second home, and it has great air connections.

The Maltese Exceptional Investment Naturalization (MEIN) has just been established by the Maltese Government. This allows for the granting of Maltese citizenship following a period of residency. As the world's most successful citizenship-by-Investment, successful families enjoy being a citizen of a stable and safe European country with a strong economy and visa-free travel to 184 countries.

A person having Maltese citizenship has the option to live, work, or study within the European Union. They also have access to international mobility and unwavering family security.

Key Benefits Of Obtaining A Malta Citizenship By Investment Passport


The main applicant must be at least 18 years old, possess exceptional moral character, be free of past criminal charges, be in good physical and mental health, and successfully pass strict government background investigations. The following requirements must be met:



The main applicants and all adult dependents must have demonstrated ties to Malta throughout the residence time prior to becoming naturalized. Exceptionally, at least one year of residency may have been required.



Citizenship is awarded to deserving individuals and families who have maintained resident status in Malta for the twelve months immediately preceding the day the certificate of naturalization is issued, who meet the requirements of a strict due diligence regime, have contributed to Malta’s economic development, and have provided documentation attesting to their ownership of residential property there. Consequently, the following steps are necessary:


Donation/Financial Contribution

Following the issuance of a Malta IIP Letter of Approval in Principle, the following minimal contributions must be provided within four months:

  • EUR 650,000 by Primary Applicant (contribution to National Development and Social Fund).
  • EUR 25,000 for the spouse.
  • Each minor kid costs EUR 25,000.
  • Offspring aged 18 to 26 who are single: EUR 50,000 each.
  • Grandparents and dependent parents: EUR 50,000 each.
  • Children who are adults and have a physical or mental disability: EUR 50,000 each


Real Estate.

The candidate must agree to maintain a residence in Malta for at least five years by choosing one of the two possibilities listed below:

  • Spending at least EUR 350,000 on a home in Malta and keeping it as yours for at least 5 years.



  • Renting a home for five years or longer with a minimal yearly payment of 16,000 euros

After obtaining a citizenship Malta Letter of Approval in Principle, applicants have four months to show proof that they own or are renting a property on the islands.

Investor citizenship applicants receive an eResidence card, a Malta identity document, upon making a real estate purchase or signing a lease on a piece of land in Malta.


Investment in Bond

  • An applicant and their family may decide to purchase Maltese government bonds after being granted admission. According to the size of the household, the bond amount will change as follows:

    • Candidates must spend at least EUR 150,000 in securities that have received government approval (bonds, stocks, and debentures that benefit the nation)
    • Must agree to retain the investment for a minimum of five years.


Health Insurance

  • All candidates must maintain comprehensive health insurance throughout their residency.


Two cost possibilities are summarized in the table below:

MALTA Single Applicant 1yr Residency Single Applicant 3yrs Residency
Residence Permit
Contribution to NDSF
Leased Property
Charity Donation
Gov Due Diligence Fees
Gov Admin Fees

Sub - Total


USD 677,500


USD 759,500


Please note, additional charges may apply.

The number of dependents will affect the investment, administrative expenses, and government due diligence for a family application.


Eligibility Requirements

You must fulfill the following conditions for Malta Citizenship:

  • Candidates must be at least 18 years old.
  • Candidates must be free of contagious illnesses or other conditions that could place a significant financial strain on the Maltese healthcare system.
  • Purchase a home worth at least €350,000, or Sign two five-year leasing agreements for properties with a minimum value of €16,000 per year.
  • To be eligible for Maltese citizenship by investment, the main applicant must spend a minimum of €650,000 in Malta.


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