Malta is the largest of the three major islands that constitute the Maltese archipelago. It is sometimes referred to as Valletta for statistical purposes to distinguish the main island from the entire country. Malta is in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea directly south of Italy and north of Libya.

In addition to being close to the sea and having 300 days of sunlight each year, Malta is home to numerous prestigious English schools and high-level educational institutes. The Maltese government has established a business-friendly environment that is flourishing and helping to make the country's economy one of the fastest-growing one in Europe. They have made it incredibly simple to start a business in Malta thanks to friendly legislation and advantageous tax systems in all of Europe.

Malta is a very desirable place to live privately. The island nation has a stable political environment, is well-located, and has good aviation connections. The Malta Permanent Residency Program provides non-Maltese individuals with the opportunity to get a European residence permit in a member state of the EU and visa-free travel within the Schengen Zone of Europe.

The Malta Permanent Residency Program has reasonable and simple application requirements and processes. Successful candidates will receive a Maltese resident certificate, which serves as a permit, from the Residence Malta Agency.

There are two ways to invest in order to obtain residence rights. Option one calls for a €68,000 investment from the government and a property purchase starting at €300,000 in South Malta or Gozo or €350,000 in well-known seaside destinations. The second Maltese residency option involves a donation of €98,000 together with a monthly property rental of either €12,000 in the rest of the country or €10,000 in South Malta and Gozo.

These residency options include investment or rental terms of at least five years and among of the lowest contribution or investment thresholds for foreign immigration in the EU. Although residency applications take around a year, permits are given out within two months of being approved. Every five years, residents are allowed an unlimited number of renewals.

Key Benefits Of Obtaining A Malta Residency By Investment Passport


To be eligible for the MPRP, the principal applicant must be at least 18 years old. They must certify that they own at least EUR 500,000 in capital assets, of which EUR 150,000 must be represented as readily accessible liquid assets.

 Any minor children under the age of 18 and adult children over 18 may be listed on an application if they can prove their financial dependence on the principal applicant. An affidavit of support is required for each dependent who is older than 18 years old to be listed on the application.

A duration of at least 12 months stay. Maltese citizenship is perpetually valid.

According to Legal Notice LN47/2014, the primary applicant must provide evidence of residency in Malta before taking the oath of allegiance.

The primary applicant and any dependents must be in excellent health, have valid Malta health Insurance, and have a spotless criminal history.

  • Investment Option 1: Make a government contribution of EUR 68,000 and invest in a property worth at least EUR 300,000 in the south of Malta and Gozo or EUR 350,000 elsewhere in the nation.
  • Investment Option2: Make a government contribution of EUR 98,000 and rent a home in Malta for a minimum yearly lease of EUR 10,000 in the south of Malta and Gozo or EUR 12,000 in any other region of the nation.

Candidates may add their parents or grandparents for an additional contribution cost of EUR 7,500 for each of the two options.

The minimum hold period (5 years), whether you are buying or renting a house, comes with an obligatory EUR 2,000 charitable gift.


Eligibility Requirements

You must fulfill the following conditions for Malta residency in order to be qualified for this program:

  • Be a citizen or inhabitant of a nation other than the EU/EEA, Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, or Norway.
  • Ability to support yourself and any dependents, consistent and reliable means of income.
  • Hold legitimate travel papers.
  • Invest in health insurance that will protect you and any children.
  • A fit and appropriate person evaluation.
  • English or Malta communication skills are required.
  • Less than 183 days should be spent abroad.


Application Process

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